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Facial Fillers Have Gotten an Upgrade

Facial fillers account for a large percentage of the cosmetic treatments that are performed today. As advantageous as they are, traditional dermal fillers have the downside of being temporary. As we’ve grown accustomed to the improvements that injectable solutions can achieve, we’ve moved to more permanent solutions. Facial fat transfer is one that is quickly […]

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Exploring Facial Rejuvenation: Injectables or Surgery?

Facial rejuvenation is a common goal shared by the vast majority of our patients. The availability of nonsurgical modalities and treatments like injectable wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers has added ease and accessibility that simply didn’t exist before. As a result, patients often lean away from the idea of facelift surgery. The thing is, there […]

Why Eyelid Surgery is So Popular

It’s inevitable. We will all eventually notice the impact of aging on the face. In the past year of mask-wearing, we were reminded of the impact of our eyes. This led thousands of people to seek eyelid rejuvenation through blepharoplasty. The increase in interest for eyelid surgery is noticeable, but it’s really nothing new. Adults […]

Questions Patients Have about Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift or forehead lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can refresh the upper face. It does so by restoring contour to the brow line. In addition to achieving outstanding cosmetic results in the forehead and area above the eyes, a brow lift can also improve the functionality of the upper eyelids by […]

Mid Face Lift: There are Some Things You Should Know

Historically, the signs of facial aging have been corrected with facelift surgery. Then, after injectables were developed, consumers leaned strongly toward the nonsurgical side of the aisle. At the same time, plastic surgery was undergoing some massive advancements that brought about multiple smaller procedures that focused on particular areas of the face. The mid face […]

Tearing Problems: What is Lacrimal Disease?

Natural tears are an essential component of healthy eyes. The tear film is ever-present. It washes away debris and also keeps the eyes lubricated so they do not feel dry and irritated. People with tearing problems often go between feeling the symptoms of dry eye to tearing excessively. They may also experience irritation, burning, and […]

What Can I Do About Under Eye Bags?

Millions of adults have some degree of under eye puffiness. Though not medically concerning, under eye bags can cause a lot of emotional upset. Adults of any age can develop puffiness because this condition has more than one contributing factor. More than understanding the cause, though, we realize that our patients are looking for solutions.  […]

Schedule Your Summertime Microneedling Now for the Most Beautiful Season

Many people dream of having flawless skin forever. With modern technology and more conservative plastic surgery procedures, this has become a real possibility. Instead of waiting and watching for the signs of aging and sun damage to get bad enough to warrant plastic surgery, more adults are taking charge of their aging skin. Microneedling is […]

There’s Hope for Blepharospasm

Our eyes blink to help spread tears across the ocular surface. We blink naturally without much thought, though we can also voluntarily close our eyes when we want. Involuntary closing in one or both eyes can be a frustrating problem. We refer to this as blepharospasm. The neurologic condition does not affect vision but can […]

Are You Coming in for Injectables? Here’s what You Should and Shouldn’t Do!

Every year, millions of injectable treatments are performed to correct various signs of aging. We routinely administer injectables like Botox and dermal fillers in our St. Louis office. While it isn’t difficult to find information about injectable treatments, nor to discern just why these products are so popular, patients often miss certain details that are […]

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