What is Latisse?

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You may have seen the commercials with Brooke Shields and Claire Danes for Latisse, which promotes eyelash growth, making them darker, longer, and fuller. If you are dissatisfied with the length, thickness, or color of your eyelashes, you may be a good candidate for Latisse in St. Louis.

Latisse is manufactured by the same company that makes Botox and uses the same ingredient as the drug that treats glaucoma. Its ability to enhance eyelashes was discovered by accident, and it is the only FDA-approved product that helps the eyelashes to grow.

How Does Latisse® Work?

Latisse is applied to the upper eyelids with a sterile applicator once per day for three to four months. You will begin to see results, however, within one to two months. After the first three or four months, you can maintain your beautiful new lashes by using it just every other day. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will return to their former appearance in a few weeks.

Your doctor will give you a prescription and instruct you how to apply it so that you can do it yourself at home. When you blink, Latisse spreads on its own to the lower eyelashes, so you don’t have to apply it there.

Can Anyone Use Latisse®?

Latisse is safe for most people, but you shouldn’t use it while taking antibiotics or if you take heart medications, are pregnant, or have severe allergies. Talk with Dr. Holds and his associates about any medicines you’re currently taking or any allergies you have.

Most people experience no side effects from Latisse, but rare reactions include red or itchy eyes and skin hyperpigmentation.

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