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How a Fat Transfer Can Restore Your Youth

One of the first areas to show signs of aging, the face can wrinkle, sag, droop, and change in the span of a few years. Typical skin care regimens involving creams and ointments may help, but their effects may not be as impactful as you’d like. Luckily, there is a way to refine your face: fat […]

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Are Facial Fat Injections Permanent

If you’re considering cosmetic services, you’re likely already aware that one of the tricks to navigate is that not all treatments are permanent. Some, like dermal fillers, need to be repeated about once a year. But what about facial fat injections, the popular alternative to dermal fillers? We at the St. Louis-based Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic […]

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Get Informed about Facial Fat Transfer

We used to look at facial aging as a process of getting wrinkles and jowls. Over time, research has discovered more about the intricate processes that lead to an older-looking face. We get wrinkles because the skin gets thinner and looser, but the quality of the fatty tissue in various parts of the face is […]

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Facial Fillers Have Gotten an Upgrade

Facial fillers account for a large percentage of the cosmetic treatments that are performed today. As advantageous as they are, traditional dermal fillers have the downside of being temporary. As we’ve grown accustomed to the improvements that injectable solutions can achieve, we’ve moved to more permanent solutions. Facial fat transfer is one that is quickly […]


What is it Like to Recover from Fat Transfer?

One of the changes that happen as we age is that the mid-face flattens. This is because the fat pads that live here gradually degrade without a strong matrix of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Historically, facial aging has been addressed only with facelift surgery. This procedure can be beneficial but, as we have […]

What is it Like to Get Fat Injections?

In recent years, fat transfer has become a popular procedure for those wanting to reduce the signs of facial aging quickly and effectively. While dermal fillers can do this, there is a need to continue getting injections to maintain pleasing results. Fat injections provide a long-term solution that may require minimal upkeep, if any. Here, […]

What Is It Like to Get Fat Injections?

Fat injections, or fat transfer, has become a popular form of facial rejuvenation. The multi-step process offers improvements that can last for years. Fat can integrate nicely into existing tissue in the mid-face to soften lines around the nose and mouth or recontour cheeks that have lost fullness with age. Fat injections are also administered […]

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Considering Facial Fat Injections? Here’s What You Should Know.

The facial fat transfer has become a popular procedure among men and women who want to achieve long-lasting results from their investment in facial rejuvenation. This injectable technique is beneficial primarily because the fat that is introduced into an area of the face does not degrade nearly as quickly as dermal fillers. You may be […]

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Why We Are in Love with Fat

Historically, fat has been perceived as a problem. We don’t want to eat too much fat, and we don’t want to harbor too much fat on the body. When we talk about fat, it is usually something along the lines of “I sure wish I didn’t have this muffin top.” In recent years, experts have […]

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