Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

What is Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery St. Louis, MI

The eyes are the focal point of the human face. Most people say the eyes are what they notice first when they meet a new person. Question is: are your eyes telling those people you’re older than you actually are?

Unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest skin on the entire human body. Plus, it is exposed to the elements virtually all the time. The combination can leave you with saggy, puffy, wrinkled, and droopy upper and lower eyelids that can make you look older and tired.

The solution is cosmetic eyelid surgery, clinically called blepharoplasty, with the team at Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. We offer several different eyelid surgery options depending on your individual situation. Overall, these are results that can be achieved with eyelid surgery:

  • Remove excess skin that hangs from the upper eyelids.
  • Correct droopy upper eyelids.
  • Reduce puffiness in the upper or lower lids.
  • Eliminate eye bags.
  • Add a crease to the upper lids of single-lidded eyes,

It is estimated that eyelid surgery takes a decade or more off of your facial age.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

Just about anyone over the age of 40 could benefit from blepharoplasty. Because of their constant exposure to the sun and the elements, coupled with decreasing collagen production that allows the skin to sag as we age, the eyelids and surrounding tissues take a beating. As long as you’re healthy enough for surgery, just about anyone with droopy, saggy eyelids, and bags under their eyes would benefit from this surgery.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Procedures

Most procedures last only one or two hours, and they are all done on an outpatient basis, which means that you can go home the same day. You will experience only minimal discomfort afterward, but each procedure is slightly different. So, visit our individual pages for the various types of lid surgeries available at Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Inc. in St. Louis:

Eyelid Surgery Before and After


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Blepharoplasty Recovery

Eyelid surgery with our team is a delicate procedure, and it would be assumed that because of this the recovery must be difficult. Actually, the opposite is true. No matter which option for eyelid surgery you choose, recovery is not overly painful and doesn’t require an extended amount of time.

After your surgery, we’ll provide you with a cold compress and lubricating eye drops. If you use the compress diligently, your swelling and bruising can be kept to a minimum. Usually, our team Holds will remove your stitches in about one week and your eyes will already look great. There will be some residual swelling, but that is minimal. Scarring is basically invisible, due to the ability to hide the incision locations so effectively.

How Long Will My Results Last?

As soon as your swelling clears, your results will be fully in place. The changes made with your eyelid surgery are, of course, permanent. Unfortunately, your surgery can’t magically stop the aging process. It’s generally thought that upper eyelid surgery shows its best results for the next seven years or so. Lower eyelid surgery lasts even longer than that. If more sagging occurs in the upper eyelids, a brow lift can often address it. Still, the improvements made will last forever.

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