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Getting Results for Blepharospasm

Blepharospasm is a relatively uncommon condition, which can make it feel mysterious and confusing if you experience it. The medical term describes uncontrollable eyelid twitching or tight closure of the eyelids. When the second occurs, it can be very difficult to get the eye to open normally during a spasm event. To begin to know […]

There’s Hope for Blepharospasm

Our eyes blink to help spread tears across the ocular surface. We blink naturally without much thought, though we can also voluntarily close our eyes when we want. Involuntary closing in one or both eyes can be a frustrating problem. We refer to this as blepharospasm. The neurologic condition does not affect vision but can […]

What Causes Eyelid Twitching?

A twitching eyelid can be a frustrating problem when it lingers for even a few hours. For individuals whose eyelids twitch involuntarily and without ceasing, help is needed. The medical term for a twitching eyelid is blepharospasm. This condition involves the abnormal contraction of the eye muscles due to some type of neurological “glitch.” One […]

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What Causes Persistent Eyelid Twitching?

A twitching eyelid can be an annoying problem to live with. The more it happens, the more twitching inhibits your quality of life. There is no clear evidence about what causes this condition we refer to as blepharospasm. What doctors have been able to discover is that specific triggers may provoke involuntary twitching that lasts […]

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Botox Isn’t Just for Beauty: A Look at Blepharospasm Treatment

Many people experience the occasional twitchy eyelid. The problem can be aggravating but rarely disrupts one’s ability to perform tasks. Except in the instance of blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm. We can link these disorders to a glitch in the neurological system that causes uncontrollable twitching and blinking. In the case of hemifacial spasm, the lower […]

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