Revision Eyelid Surgery

What is Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Revision Eyelid Surgery St. Louis

Revision Eyelid Surgery usually refers to revision blepharoplasty, sometimes called revision blepharoplasty. This refers to a secondary blepharoplasty procedure done to correct problems from an initial eyelid surgery. Some of the best surgeons in the St. Louis area send such cases to Dr. Holds and his associates at Ophthalmic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Inc. because of their experience in performing complex eyelid surgeries and revision blepharoplasty.

If you are dissatisfied with eyelid surgery that you have already undergone, you may be an excellent candidate for Revision Eyelid Surgery in St. Louis.

What Causes the Need for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Some people feel that the doctor has not done enough to correct their droopy upper eyelids or undereye bags. In that case, they may wish to have another surgery to reduce the drooping and bags even more.

Obviously, it’s very important to spend time with your doctor before your initial surgery to make sure he or she is aware of the final outcome that you want. This will decrease the possibility of your needing subsequent surgery. Nevertheless, it’s far better to have excess tissue that needs to be removed than to have lost too much tissue in the first surgery.

In other cases, the eyes don’t match well enough after surgery so that another procedure must be performed to improve symmetry. This often has to do with asymmetries that were present before the initial procedure, such as one eyebrow that sits lower than the other, causing one upper eyelid to droop after the first surgery.

With careful preoperative evaluation, appropriate expectations, and meticulous surgery, Revision Eyelid Surgery is seldom necessary, but on rare occasions, a secondary procedure to improve symmetry is needed.

In extremely rare cases, a complication may occur after a first blepharoplasty procedure which makes it necessary for Revision Eyelid Surgery to correct the problem. These complications can include a prior excess excision of tissue with hollowing of the eyelids and difficulty with fully closing the eyes, a downwardly pulled lower eyelid due to scarring, or excess tissue excision or uneven eyelids.

Revision Blepharoplasty Consultation

When you arrive, you will need to provide a medical history, as we need to know about major illnesses and problems such as heart disease and hypertension. It’s important that Dr. Holds learn the details of your prior facial surgery. Bringing old photographs from before your first operation can be especially helpful.

Medication history, including medications or supplements that thin the blood are vital to disclose. All over-the-counter pain/fever reducers (except Tylenol) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are off limits for a week before eyelid surgery. Herbal medications such as ginkgo biloba and St. John’s Wort or high doses of fish oil, flax seed oil, or vitamin E must also be avoided.

Dr. Holds will ask you what aspect of your eyelids and face bother you since your first surgery and will discuss options to correct it. A mutual understanding of the goals, expectations, and outcomes is essential to an optimal result!

During your consultation, an examination is also performed to look at any eye conditions such as dry eye, which could limit or alter the surgical plan or be a concern after your procedure. As a board-certified ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), as well as an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, Dr. Holds is attuned to eye diseases and concerns. He is routinely referred patients by some of the best facial and cosmetic surgeons in the area because of this expertise and ability to safely operate on patients at higher risk for complications.

What is Involved in Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Every case is different, and it depends upon what has caused the problem and what needs to be corrected. In most cases, you can have the surgery on an outpatient basis, and the recovery is similar to that for your first blepharoplasty. Again, however, this varies from person to person. If your complication is more severe, the surgery will likely be more complex and may require a longer recovery period.

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