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How Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Differ From Traditional Eyelid Surgery?

How Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Differ From Traditional Eyelid Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures are constantly improving upon their techniques to ensure beautiful results specific to the needs of the individual. When it comes to your eyes, eyelid surgery is a simple way to rejuvenate and brighten your appearance. Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Inc. provides two forms of this procedure: traditional and double eyelid surgery. Keep reading […]

What Conditions Does Eyelid Surgery Treat?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a procedure that corrects certain eyelid disorders or irregularities to help improve either the appearance of your eyes or their function. Some people might seek functional eyelid surgery to address excess skin drooping over their eyes that blocks their vision. Others might seek cosmetic eyelid surgery to remove wrinkles around the eyes to rejuvenate their […]

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Eyelid Reconstruction – Is it The Right Choice For You?

At Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc., we offer a full range of eyelid reconstruction surgery options to help you regain your confidence and your health. Our skilled surgeons will evaluate your needs, educate you about the procedure and answer any questions you may have before performing your eyelid reconstruction surgery. Eyelid reconstruction surgery is […]

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