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Satisfied woman applying moisturizer cream on her face in winter in the street

What You Should Know About Winter Skin Care

We rely on our skin to protect us from the elements because it is our largest organ. Our overall health and well-being depend on keeping our skin healthy. In the winter, our skin can suffer. Dry, cracked skin can result from the weather and wind during the cold season. Inflammation and even infection can result […]

Beauty portrait of a young brunette woman isolated on pink background

The Mid-Face Lift: Why You Might Need One

If you’re over 40, you’ve probably noticed changes in your appearance. And, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t like what you see. One of the most noticeable changes as we age is sagging in the mid-face area. Consequently, this can cause the cheeks to look hollow and can make the jawline less defined. […]

beautiful caucasian young shirtless woman holding peony flower

Why You Should Get a Midface Lift: The 3 Benefits

A midface lift, or cheek lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the appearance of the midface by correcting drooping or sagging skin. The procedure can take place on patients of all ages and skin types. The midface lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can happen using local anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery procedures […]

3 Important Considerations For Anyone Thinking About Getting An Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the eyelids. It can correct drooping upper eyelids and reduce puffiness in the lower eyelids. The surgery primarily serves cosmetic reasons, but it can also improve vision in people with drooping eyelids that block their field of vision. If […]

gardener girl in an apron and safety glasses holds garden scissors

Home Eye Safety Month: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Safe This Month

Home Eye Safety Month is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of eye safety in the home. This year, the campaign runs from October 1st-31st. This month, we encourage everyone to think about how they can keep their eyes safe at home. Whether doing DIY around the house, gardening, or cooking, you […]

woman after shower naked shoulders got wrinkles

Eye Lift vs. Brow Lift: Which Is Right For You?

You might consider cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance for many reasons. Perhaps you’re not happy with the way you look in photos. Maybe you’ve noticed some drooping skin around your eyes. Whatever the case, you’re not alone in your decision to consult with a plastic surgeon. This blog post discusses the two most popular […]

Beautiful Spa model Girl with Perfect Fresh Clean Skin

The Top 5 Benefits of Blepharoplasty That Everyone Should Know

One of the most common cosmetic procedures today is blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. This procedure can provide many benefits to patients, including a more youthful appearance, improved vision, and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 5 benefits of blepharoplasty in more detail. Improve Your Vision While many […]

portrait of beautiful joyful blonde female smiling with fingers in okay gesture.

Eyelid Cancer: Causes And Risk Factors

Eyelid cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the tissues of the eyelid. It can occur in the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. Eyelid cancer usually occurs in people over the age of 50. The exact cause of eyelid cancer is unknown, but it appears to be related to sun exposure to […]

Beautiful model woman with shiny and straight long hair.

Find Out If a Brow Lift Is Right For You

Are you thinking about getting a brow lift? A brow lift is an excellent procedure that can help you look younger and more confident. The procedure will remove excess skin and fat from your forehead and eyes, while also lifting the eyebrows to create a more youthful appearance. A brow lift is a surgical procedure […]

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