Are Facial Fat Injections Permanent

Are Facial Fat Injections Permanent

Portrait of attractive cheery long-haired woman touching soft skinIf you’re considering cosmetic services, you’re likely already aware that one of the tricks to navigate is that not all treatments are permanent. Some, like dermal fillers, need to be repeated about once a year. But what about facial fat injections, the popular alternative to dermal fillers?

We at the St. Louis-based Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc are often asked that question. The following article will break down everything you need to know.

What Is Facial Fat Transfer

First, we have to answer another question that might be on your mind: just what are facial fat injections?

Facial fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery that entails moving fat from one part of the body to another. Like dermal fillers, facial fat injections give the face a plump, youthful look by adding subtle amounts of fat beneath the skin. The main question remains, though: are they permanent?

Are Facial Fat Injections Permanent?

The short answer is that facial fat injections are permanent.

The longer answer is that facial fat injections are mostly permanent. Because fat is an organic material, the body can absorb fat injected into it, breaking it down and integrating it back into the body. In raw numbers, the body can absorb up to 40% of the fat from facial fat injections. 

That said, remaining fat is permanent, staying in the body indefinitely. This eliminates the need for any replenishment surgeries which are required for dermal fillers and other cosmetic devices.

As a result, facial fat injections tend to be very cost-effective. While they’re a bit expensive in the short run, you’ll only need to pay for them once–making them a good value.

Learn More About Facial Fat Injections

As an organization that employs a team of experienced oculofacial and ophthalmic surgeons, Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc can answer any and all questions you might have about facial fat injections and other cosmetic procedures.

To schedule a consultation at Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc in either St. Louis or St. Peters, call 314-567-3567.

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