Aging Gracefully Means Adapting to Constant Changes

Aging Gracefully Means Adapting to Constant Changes

Aging Gracefully Means Adapting to Constant ChangesMark Twain described wrinkles as the evidence of smiles. This is a lovely description of the lines that come with age, but it doesn’t quite cut it for the person who wants to ease into their age over a longer period. Sure, dramatic facial rejuvenation can be achieved with plastic surgery, but what about the in-between? Today, the trend is more along the lines of aging gracefully. Here, we discuss several of the ways this is possible.

Address Your Skin’s Foundation

It has been said that French women age more beautifully because they are taught the value of skincare at a very young age. Following that concept, we submit that graceful aging must include daily actions that build upon the foundation that exists. More than building upon your skin’s foundation, quality skincare, and sun habits can boost radiance, tone, texture, and more. At the core of a good routine is the use of sunscreen. SPF, sun protection factor, can be found in literal sunscreen products, in makeup, and mineral powders. This means there is no excuse for skipping this step. Sunscreen, even more than rejuvenating serums, matters because it protects you from the collagen-degrading effects of the sun. Why apply collagen and elastin promoting substances if you aren’t protecting what your body makes? Start with sunscreen. Always.

Treat Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are also known as expression lines. We get lines between the brows when we squint and frown. We get lines at the corners of the eyes when we laugh. At first, expression lines disappear when the face is at rest. With age, though, they stay put. The primary ways that our patients handle expression lines is with Botox or other neuromodulators. Other lines and creases that appear, such as nasolabial lines around the nose and mouth, are treated with a quick dermal filler treatment.

Remember to Contour

In recent years, a lot of attention has been given to contouring using cosmetics. At a certain age, this becomes more difficult because bone structure in the mid- and upper face degrades over time. To address the loss of contouring across the cheeks, and even at the temples, we use dense filler products that contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles for more structural stability.

Support Natural Skin Rejuvenation

One of the problems that affects all adults is that collagen fibers degrade. Without collagen, the skin loosens and thins. Alongside collagen, elastin is a vital chemical for youthful-looking skin, providing stretch and “bounce,” so to speak. The skin doesn’t rejuvenate itself as well as it gets older, it needs help, which can come in the form of laser treatments or microneedling with PRP. Each technique works in a specific way but both are excellent for collagen and elastin stimulation.

We can help you find the perfect support for aging skin. To schedule your consultation in St. Louis or St. Peters, call 314-567-3567.

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