Posts From January, 2022

A close up of a woman's face with her wavy brown hair over her shoulder and she is making a serious but beautiful facial expresssion

Here’s Why You Might Want to Schedule Microneedling with PRP

None of us are immune to aging. Common issues that most people face at some point include dull skin, fine lines, and spots. Depending on the severity of these conditions, some people begin to feel dissatisfied or even self-conscious about their appearance. In our St. Louis and St. Peters offices, we help patients address a […]

A middle age woman holds her hand to her forehead and looks concerned about skin sagging

Your Brow Lift Questions Answered

According to polls, most adults have at least a little something they’d like to improve about their appearance. Often, the desired improvements have to do with age-related changes, such as heavy eyelids, jowls, or descending eyebrows. For people who are interested in more dramatic and long-term results, plastic surgery offers outstanding solutions. For example, some […]

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