Posts From June, 2023

Should I Get Reconstructive Surgery to Treat My Ptosis?

Does one or both of your eyelids droop? Is the droopiness causing visual problems or making you insecure about your appearance? If your answer is, “Yes,” then it may be time for ptosis reconstructive surgery. Can Ptosis Repair Itself? Ptosis can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetic disorders, neurological disorders, weakened eyelid […]

Unhappy With Your Cosmetic Eye Surgery Results? Try Revision Eyelid Surgery.

It can be devastating when you take off your bandages and realize you don’t like your cosmetic surgery. However, there is hope. You can get revision eyelid surgery to correct the previous surgeon’s oversight. Why Should I Trust Revision Eyelid Surgery? Take these steps to increase the likelihood of loving your revision eyelid surgery. Research […]

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