Bring More Cheer to Your Year with a Mid-Facelift

Bring More Cheer to Your Year with a Mid-Facelift

Mid-FaceliftHistory has a lot to teach us. One of the things we’ve learned about humans as we’ve looked back through time is that there has always been a desire for beauty. We want to see the beauty around us and also appreciate our ability to portray beauty from within. Through centuries, aging and beauty have been at odds to some degree. The more we observe this strong push toward cosmetic youthfulness, the more we see that youth translates certain traits. A younger face looks like a friendlier face, a more cheerful face. If your aging process has resulted in sagging tissue, a downturned mouth, jowls, and other concerns, a mid-face lift, or mini facelift, may be your ideal solution.

Some of the key points regarding the mid-facelift include:

Natural-Looking Results Through Conservative Technique

The mid-facelift is an outpatient procedure. Patients do not need to be “put under” general anesthesia. Instead, comfort and calm are maintained with a local anesthetic and mild oral sedative. This medication can take a few hours to wear off, so patients must arrange for a loved one to drive them home after their procedure. It may also be reassuring to have someone present for the remainder of the day.

Smooth Recovery

The reason a mid-face lift is considered conservative is that it addresses tissue laxity in the SMAS or superficial musculoaponeurotic system. This is the layer of tissue just beneath the skin, where the appearance of the skin is formed. It does not take much to reach the SMAS and reposition tissue according to natural anatomy. Being that the target layer is not profoundly deep, patients typically experience only mild swelling and bruising that resolve over several days.

Is a Mid-Facelift Right for You?

The signs of aging do not appear overnight. It takes years for this progression to occur. Many people feel concerned about the changes they see along the jawline, nose, and mouth and wish to address them without a full facelift. A mid-facelift can redefine these areas, smoothing creases and restoring youthful angles where they belong.

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