How Fillers and Blepharoplasty can Refresh Your Eyes

How Fillers and Blepharoplasty can Refresh Your Eyes

dermal fillers, St Louis ,MOWe are in a time of year when a lot of us are thinking about renewal. Winter will soon come to an end and we want to feel as fresh as the upcoming seasonal change. The way that many people do this is by addressing signs of aging. In our St. Louis and St. Peters offices, the eyes are a primary area of focus. Men and women of all ages visit us to explore how they can reduce cosmetic concerns like undereye bags, dark circles, and loose skin. We’re happy to provide comprehensive information on the two primary methods: dermal fillers and blepharoplasty.

Lower Blepharoplasty

The surgical refinement of the lower eyelids is right within the wheelhouse of the ophthalmic plastic surgeon. This procedure restores a more youthful appearance to the eyes by taking one of a few different technical approaches.

  • Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is conducted through in incision in the lower lash line. Through the small incision, fatty tissue is repositioned and loose muscle is tightened to better hold fat cells in place. Excess skin is removed to smooth the undereye and the incision is closed. When the incision heals, scars are barely visible.
  • Transcutaneous blepharoplasty addresses muscle, fat, and skin in the same manner as the transconjunctival technique, but it does so through an incision inside the eyelid. The primary difference between techniques is that scars are completely hidden after transcutaneous blepharoplasty.

Recovery from surgical eyelid rejuvenation is the same regardless of which technique is selected. Patients can expect to encounter mild soreness, a tight sensation beneath the eyes, and swelling. Vision may be slightly blurry for a few days and there may be some sensitivity to light. However, after two weeks, patients are able to resume all normal activity.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers provide a temporary fix for undereye bags and dark circles that does not require any downtime. This is the primary reason why dermal fillers are selected frequently. The use of dermal fillers under the eyes can sound unnerving because the procedure describes administering injections into the tear trough. The tear trough is situated at the upper cheek, so a good way to understand treatment is that injections will be inserted at the uppermost region of the cheeks, just above the cheekbone. Specifically, fillers containing hyaluronic acid are inserted just under a crease to plump the skin and smooth the transition from the upper cheek to the undereye.

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