Why Would I Need Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Why Would I Need Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty Treatment on female eyesBlepharoplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat or skin from the eyelid area of the face. It can improve your appearance and help with vision problems that may occur with droopy upper lids. 

But some patients who have had this procedure may notice that their eyes are no longer balanced or symmetrical. That is when revision eyelid surgery could be an option.

Asymmetrical Appearance

The surgery to remove fat can be delicate. It is often hard to determine how the eyelid will react to having material removed. Sometimes it fills back in an unforeseen way. That means that over time your eyes could no longer look symmetrical

If one of your eyes droops a little more than the other, realigning and restoring the symmetry that was once there can repair it.

Hollow or Sunken Eyes

Blepharoplasty removes excess fat and skin. When too much is removed, it can result in a hollow or sunken appearance. 

Revision blepharoplasty can address this issue, restoring volume and improving the appearance of the area underneath the eyes..

Lower Lid Issues

lower lid ectropion is also the result of a blepharoplasty that causes the lower part of the eyelid to droop. Sometimes it can be significant and expose the eye itself, which can be an unpleasant look for the patient and cause some eye irritation. 

Revision blepharoplasty can address this issue as well, along with asymmetry and other issues that may result from poor surgical outcomes.. 

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At Oculofacial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Inc., We have skilled surgeons that can take on this delicate operation. We can help you repair the damage that previous surgeries left behind. And we will get you the result that you have been looking for. 

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