Are Fillers the Solution for Dark Under-Eye Circles and Tear Troughs?

Are Fillers the Solution for Dark Under-Eye Circles and Tear Troughs?

beauty concept close-up applying eye cream on eyelids pensiveThere are a few significant changes that can affect the skin around the eyes. And when the skin around the eyes changes, the appearance of the entire face may become generally worn out. We tend to talk about and hear a lot about problems like undereye bags, lines, and wrinkles. Here, we want to touch on a concern that many people face without much knowledge about what causes it or what they can do to correct it. We’re going to talk about dark under-eye circles and tear troughs.

What Causes Under-Eye Circles and Tear Troughs?

Beneath the eyes are small pads of fatty tissue. The skin overlying the fat pads is thin and delicate so, as it ages and becomes even thinner, it can appear looser more quickly than skin elsewhere on the face and body. The loosening skin and connective tissue may allow the fat pads to protrude, resulting in a puffy appearance we often call undereye bags. The changes in the skin also often cause the formation of tear troughs, which are grooves that look like a semi-circle under the eye. Tear troughs may begin at the inner corner of the eye and extend all the way to the outer edge. A decrease in the volume of the cheeks also contributes to visible tear troughs, and may also create shadowing that either gives the illusion of darkness under the eyes or accentuate the prominence of puffiness. Either situation can be frustrating.

How Dermal Fillers can Help

We are often told that we may address dark circles and undereye bags with topical products, by placing cold cucumber slices under the eyes, or by getting enough sleep. These are all good suggestions but they cannot adequately meet every person’s needs. When these cosmetic concerns are related to the aging process, it takes more than a good night’s sleep to gain some ground. This is where dermal fillers can come in.

Dermal fillers may be a wonderful alternative to lower blepharoplasty for the correction of undereye bags, in particular. In this scenario, puffiness is not eliminated. Rather, it is disguised. The provider can eliminate the appearance of puffiness by inserting dermal filler into the tear troughs, lifting the line to create a smooth transition between the upper cheek and the lower eyelid. The dermal fillers that are used around the eyes work via hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient in the dermal filler binds to water molecules beneath the skin and holds them in place for up to two years. The water molecules build volume and plump the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

In the matter of dark circles, the issue is not protruding fat pads but fat pads that are thin and lacking in volume. Here, the problem is that, rather than protruding outward, the undereye area is somewhat sunken. This creates shadowing that looks like dark circles under the eyes. While the curvature may be differen, the solution may be similar, if not exactly the same. Once again we look at the tear trough, that line between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. Inserting a hyaluronic acid filler here, the undereye area is plumped with natural volume from water molecules. This volume replaces that which is missing from the natural fat pads under the eyes. As a result, shadowing should improve or go away completely for a time.

The appearance of the eyes is significantly impactful of the face as a whole. To correct the signs of aging that are making your eyes look tired and devoid of your vibrant personality, contact us. We offer professional dermal filler services in our St. Louis and St. Peters offices.

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