What Conditions Does Eyelid Surgery Treat?

What Conditions Does Eyelid Surgery Treat?

eyelid surgeryBlepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a procedure that corrects certain eyelid disorders or irregularities to help improve either the appearance of your eyes or their function. Some people might seek functional eyelid surgery to address excess skin drooping over their eyes that blocks their vision. Others might seek cosmetic eyelid surgery to remove wrinkles around the eyes to rejuvenate their overall look. No matter your reasons for seeking eyelid surgery, it’s important to be aware of its practical benefits in treating some debilitating eyelid conditions. Here are a few of the most common:

Most Common Eyelid Disorders That Are Treated by Eyelid Surgery


Drooping eyelids are known as “ptosis,” a condition that results from a variety of factors that include nerve damage to the muscle controlling the eyelid or genetic causes. In severe instances of ptosis, one or both of the eyes can take on a “lazy eye” appearance or develop astigmatism as a result. Most cases of ptosis usually require eyelid surgery to adjust the height of the levator muscle or Mueller’s muscle, in addition to any necessary excess skin removal.


Ectropion happens when the lower eyelid droops and turns outward from the eye. This condition can usually be attributed to changes in the eye’s muscles and ligaments due to aging. Eyelid surgery performed on ectropion aims to tighten the muscles and tendons on the lower eyelid so that it is positioned correctly on the eye.


Contrary to ectropion, entropion happens when the eyelid turns inward into the eye, often causing discomfort to the eyeball with the eyelashes. It is typically the lower eyelid that exhibits entropion symptoms. Eyelid surgery to correct entropion combines both eyelid tightening and surgical methods to turn the lid outward.

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Excess skin that gets in the way of your eyesight requires prompt medical attention. St. Louis residents who have trouble seeing because of droopy upper eyelids may be eligible for a fully-covered procedure called Functional Upper Lid Blepharoplasty. However, your insurance might require you to meet a certain level of visual impairment. See an eye specialist today at Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc. to learn more. Contact (314) 567-3567 today to schedule an appointment.

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