Unhappy With Your Cosmetic Eye Surgery Results? Try Revision Eyelid Surgery.

Unhappy With Your Cosmetic Eye Surgery Results? Try Revision Eyelid Surgery.

Unhappy With Your Cosmetic Eye Surgery Results? Try Revision Eyelid Surgery.It can be devastating when you take off your bandages and realize you don’t like your cosmetic surgery. However, there is hope. You can get revision eyelid surgery to correct the previous surgeon’s oversight.

Why Should I Trust Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Take these steps to increase the likelihood of loving your revision eyelid surgery.

  1. Research the cosmetic surgeon’s background.
  2. Read the testimonials of the cosmetic surgeon. A highly recommended surgeon will likely have a website with a tab specifically for her or his testimonials.
  3. Verify that the surgeon has experience and knowledge pertaining to eyelid surgery during your consultation and perusal of testimonials and reviews.

Why Do People Get Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Here are the main reasons why people get a second eyelid surgical operation.


Despite our best efforts, the signs of aging will begin to show at some point in our lifetime. Procedures like BOTOX® do not provide a permanent solution to the effects aging has on our face, particularly on eyes. Overtime, due to smiling, frowning, laughing, and other ordinary facial contractions, you will develop frown lines and crow’s feet around your eyes. Your upper eyelids can also start sagging. The sagging and eye wrinkles can occur even after your initial eyelid surgery. Thus, you may need revision eyelid surgery to repair the natural effects of aging.

Bad Results

Unfortunately, you may not like the results of your initial surgery. When this happens, it is advisable to consider revision eyelid surgery. You should consult with your doctor to determine a safe time in which you can get revision surgery. A qualified cosmetic eye doctor will not schedule a revision surgery if you are still healing from your first surgery.

Not All Concerns Addressed

Suppose the cosmetic ophthalmologist removed the excess fat from your brows but failed to address your ptosis (droopy eyelids). In this case, you may want revision eyelid surgery to benefit from having all of your needs and cosmetic concerns addressed. Until all of your problem areas are addressed and resolved, you will not feel as confident and happy with your cosmetic surgery as you should feel.

Revision Eyelid Surgery Specialists in Missouri

Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc. offers reconstructive and cosmetic eye surgery. We have three locations for your convenience: St. Louis, MO, Arnold, MO, and St. Peters, MO. You may schedule an eyelid revision consultation at any office by calling 314-567-3567.

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