Facelift Surgery Obstacles to Overcome

Facelift Surgery Obstacles to Overcome

Facelift Surgery Obstacles to OvercomeIn recent years, the concept of aging gracefully has gotten a lot of attention. For some people, aging gracefully means allowing nature to do what it will without any intervention whatsoever. For others, it means embracing the value of modern medicine to help them manage the signs of aging in conservative ways. Facelift surgery may not fit into the idea of what conservative means for many people. From what we have seen, the reason this may happen is that there are false ideas still circulating about this procedure. Here, we discuss these obstacles by addressing a few common misconceptions about facelift surgery.

A facelift makes you look unnatural.

We can understand why this perception of facelift results persists today. Once you’ve seen what older facelifts looked like, it’s hard to get that image out of your mind. Back in the 80s, 90s, and even the early 2000s, we saw our fair share of celebrities with that telltale windblown look. Today, though, we don’t see this very often at all, especially when patients carefully choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs facelift surgery often. A facelift is no longer a general procedure that achieves a particular look. It is a customized surgery that helps each patient look more like their younger self.

Nonsurgical options are better than a facelift.

Advances in medicine and technology have brought us several nonsurgical options for addressing various signs of aging. For example, BOTOX can be used to smooth frown lines and lift a sagging brow. Dermal fillers can restore some degree of fullness to the cheeks. However convenient these methods are, there are limitations. There is only so much lift that BOTOX can achieve for the aging brow line. Too much dermal filler can make the face look puffy and unnatural. In some cases, a facelift is an ideal answer for cosmetic concerns.

Facelifts are only for women.

Women are not the only ones who age. While society has generally had different norms for men than for women, we have seen the impressive benefits that facelift surgery has to offer men, too. In one study, performed at Georgetown University Medical Center, men who had facelift surgery were perceived as more attractive, trustworthy, and likable.

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