What Can I Do About Under Eye Bags?

What Can I Do About Under Eye Bags?

What Can I Do About Under Eye Bags?Millions of adults have some degree of under eye puffiness. Though not medically concerning, under eye bags can cause a lot of emotional upset. Adults of any age can develop puffiness because this condition has more than one contributing factor. More than understanding the cause, though, we realize that our patients are looking for solutions. 

There are two common approaches to under eye bags. One is nonsurgical and the other is surgical. We will discuss both here. For thoroughness, though, we’re also going to discuss why under eye bags happen. 

What Causes Bags Under the Eyes?

The most common factors that contribute to under eye bags include the following:

  • Age. The older we get, the less collagen we have. This happens because the body produces less and less of this skin-firming substance beginning at age 20. 
  • Sun damage. The eye area is particularly vulnerable to sun damage because the skin here is naturally thinner than other parts of the face and body. It is also the part of the face that is usually overlooked when we apply sunscreen. Sun exposure breaks down collagen so exacerbates the natural aging process.
  • Genetics. Some people start to develop under eye puffiness during adolescence due to a genetic characteristic that runs in their family. When sun damage and aging occur, bags may appear worse. 

Correcting the Appearance of Under-eye Bags

The most popular way to correct the appearance of under eye bags is to disguise them using dermal fillers. Eyelid rejuvenation surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed each year. How do you choose which approach is right for you?

It’s easy to assume that dermal fillers are more advantageous for under eye bags because treatment does not require surgery. We regularly perform injections for the eye area and agree that there are advantages to this approach. The primary one may not be what you think. While patients appreciate a nonsurgical treatment for under eye bags, what may be most rewarding about dermal filler injections is that the results are immediate. That said, injections need to be repeated every 9 to 18 months. 

Blepharoplasty can be done only on the lower eyelids if this is the primary area affected by bulging fat pads. This procedure is minimally-invasive and, though it should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, is considered extremely safe and effective. Lower blepharoplasty involves hidden incisions and the repositioning or removal of fatty tissue to smooth the contours between the eye and the upper cheek. While results are not immediate due to minor bruising and swelling, the outcome that is visible after about 2 weeks lasts indefinitely. Many people who have blepharoplasty never repeat this eye-rejuvenating procedure. 

Eyelid puffiness ages the face but can fortunately be corrected with conservative care. To schedule an appointment to explore your options, call our St. Louis office at 314-567-3567.

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