Who Is a Candidate for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Who Is a Candidate for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Who Is a Candidate for Revision Eyelid Surgery?You can improve the appearance of your eyelids with revision eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. The surgery is available for the upper and lower eyelids. In many cases, people request revision eyelid surgery for appearance and functionality. Your doctor at Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery will evaluate your concerns and determine whether revision eyelid surgery or another procedure would be most beneficial for you.

If you are interested in revision eyelid surgery, keep reading to find out if you are a candidate.

What Your Doctor Can Treat with Revision Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty (revision eyelid surgery) can treat several conditions, including:

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelid
  • Bags under your eyes
  • Sagging or loose skin that disturbs the natural contour of your upper eyelid or that creates folds on the upper eyelid
  • Dropping eyelids that reveal white underneath the iris
  • Fatty deposits that make your eyes puffy

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Revision Eyelid Surgery?

Not everyone is a good candidate for revision eyelid surgery. Your doctor will review the process with you to help determine if you should have this surgery. You may be an ideal candidate for revision eyelid surgery if:

  • You are healthy and do not have any medical conditions that can slow healing.
  • You have a positive outlook on life.
  • You have realistic goals.
  • You don’t use tobacco products.
  • You don’t have serious eye conditions.

Sometimes, issues that are seemingly related to the eye may be caused by other problems, such as the relaxation of your forehead skin and eyebrows. Your doctor will let you know if another type of surgery is better for your condition.

Risks of Eyelid Surgery

As with any surgery, revision eyelid surgery has risks and possible complications, including bleeding, numbness in the eyelids, dryness, difficulty closing your eyes, infection, ectropion, lid lag, pain, sun and/or light sensitivity, bruising, swelling, scarring, and change in vision.

Where to Find Revision Eyelid Surgery in Missouri

If you’re interested in revision eyelid surgery, talk to one of our doctors to find out if you are a candidate. To arrange for your consultation, please call 314-567-3567. Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery proudly serves the St. Louis, St. Peters, and Arnold areas in Missouri.

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