Why Treatments Need to be Repeated

Why Treatments Need to be Repeated

Why Treatments Need to be RepeatedAging skin doesn’t happen overnight. We know this, and yet many people aren’t quite sure what to do about the signs of aging. One of the biggest mistakes we make is waiting to address lines and wrinkles. We typically don’t seek treatments until we have become frustrated with our appearance. By this time, we are in the game of playing catch-up. While it’s not the worst place to start, it’s not ideal. To make matters worse, there is often confusion about how to handle aging skin. The wide variety of treatment options can create the state we call “paralysis by analysis,” in which we are so inundated with choices that it is nearly impossible to make a decision.

When it comes to managing the signs of aging on your skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and a loss of firmness and elasticity, you may be relieved to discover that it isn’t a matter of finding the ideal treatment. The important thing is that you act sooner rather than later. Here, we’re going to tell you what you need to act on to be successful at maintaining vibrant, resilient skin as you age.

Aging Skin: Where it Begins

We see beauty on the uppermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. However, what we see on the surface is the result of what is happening in the deeper layers of the skin. Beneath the 4 layers of the epidermis is the dermis. This is where cells called fibroblasts work continually to produce collagen and elastin. Well, they work continually for about 30 years, that is. Around age thirty, these cells retire into a nice, quiet life where no more work is done.

As you may know, the skin relies on collagen and elastin to stay firm and supple. Collagen helps heal wounds and it also helps to correct discoloration and other forms of damage. Elastin is the protein that gives the skin stretch so sagging does not occur. When fibroblasts go into retirement, the skin uses the collagen and elastin that is stored. Up to 2% of the stored proteins are used each year, though this doesn’t keep up with what is needed to postpone aging.

Aging Skin: How We Manage It

To manage aging skin, it is necessary to focus on sleeping fibroblasts. Treatments like microneedling with PRP and laser rejuvenation procedures can do this. When repeated, these treatments can reset the baseline of beautiful skin and continually stimulate fibroblasts to produce firming and nourishing proteins as needed for every age.

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