Know What to Expect at Your First Dermal Filler Visit

Know What to Expect at Your First Dermal Filler Visit

Know What to Expect at Your First Dermal Filler VisitDermal filler treatments are performed daily all around the world. This is an indication of the effectiveness and safety of this treatment. The use of various substances to reduce the signs of aging has been common for decades. The first dermal fillers were introduced about 50 years ago but didn’t quite catch on due to relatively significant risks of adverse reaction. Patients who received these first dermal fillers had to undergo pre-testing to make sure they had no allergies that would affect the outcome of their treatment. Today, most dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a chemical that the body makes naturally. The use of biocompatible substances has made the entire process much easier. Here, we walk you through what is involved in getting dermal fillers for the first time.

Before Dermal Fillers

When you visit a professional injector for dermal fillers, the first step is to talk about what you want to achieve. Our consultation helps us understand your expectations and determine how to best meet them. If dermal fillers are the ideal solution to your concerns, we discuss which product is appropriate, how much you will need, how long you can expect your results to last, and how much the treatment will cost. Then, on to the fun part!

Dermal Filler Treatment

We will begin by answering the question most people have first: will getting dermal fillers hurt? The answer is no. We don’t believe that beauty should be painful. In addition to their base ingredient of hyaluronic acid, fillers also often have an anesthetic that quickly reduces sensations in the treatment area. The entire process typically takes 20 minutes or less.

After Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal filler treatment is immediately gratifying. Results build in real-time, so you leave the office looking and feeling rejuvenated. After treatment, there may be slight swelling and redness where injections have been administered. These side effects are expected to resolve within a few hours, allowing you to go about your normal activities without delay.

We enjoy helping patients of our St. Louis office feel their best. To schedule your dermal filler consultation and treatment, call 314-567-3567.

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