How to Prepare for Surgery

How to Prepare for Surgery

Anti aging eye cream. Young Beautiful model posing aginst pink background with applyed cream under her eyesThe physicians at Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Inc. are respected facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons who help patients prepare for all aspects of surgical procedures. We have learned from working with patients for so many years that those who are well-informed and well-prepared are in the best position to enjoy exceptional results. Here, we discuss some of the ways our patients may want to prepare for surgery

Undergo a Medical Evaluation

The initial stage of surgical planning involves not only a thorough consultation to discuss the patient’s concerns, desired outcome, and questions, but also a medical evaluation. To achieve the best results from cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, the surgeon must make sure that the patient does not have any conditions that may present risks to their procedure or recovery. This may be evaluated through various lab tests. 

Carefully Select the Timing of Surgery

Scheduling surgery means looking carefully at the calendar and seeing when time can be arranged in a busy life. Some patients need to wrap up important projects before they can take the necessary time off work. Some need to arrange their schedule around children’s school breaks or during a time when a loved one can be available to assist with taking children to school and other activities. Making arrangements such as these greatly reduces the opportunity for unexpected stress as the day of surgery nears. 

Know What to Expect During Plastic Surgery

Every surgical procedure is tailored to the individual, whether it is cosmetic or reconstructive. As such, each patient will have unique aspects to their procedure and, possibly, to their recovery. Questions and concerns can arise at any time. If they do, the patient is encouraged to contact our office right away. As we said, a well-informed patient is set up for the best experience. Part of knowing what to expect during surgery is understanding what to expect from the procedure, as well. The doctor strives to create realistic expectations with every patient so there are no surprises after surgery. 

In addition to asking questions when needed, patients can also expect to receive pre- and post-operative instructions from the office. These instructions should be reviewed in advance of surgery and alongside whomever will care for the patient as they recover. This allows time for questions to be answered.

Cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are performed every day across the country. Advanced surgical techniques make them safe and satisfying. To learn more about our services, contact us and schedule a visit in St. Louis or St. Peters. 

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