What Are Your Options After Losing an Eye?

What Are Your Options After Losing an Eye?

Prosthetic Eyes Losing an eye can lead to a sunken or caved appearance. Prosthetic eyes can not only restore the appearance of your face but can restore the structural integrity that the eyes provide.

Appearing natural through the use of high-quality materials that reflect light, artificial eyes may also be able to mimic the movement of the eye if connected to the muscles found in the orbital socket. Learn more today.

What Might Lead To Eye Loss

Many conditions, illnesses, and injuries can result in the loss of an eye. Since the most common cause of eye loss is trauma from injury, it can be good practice to wear protective eyewear during activities that may be at greater risk for eye injury. Wearing protective glasses during sports, when working with chemicals or solvents, and around areas with debris can be helpful steps to take to protect your eyes.

Is a Prosthetic Eye Necessary?

If you’ve lost an eye, it may have been recommended to get an eye prosthetic, but maybe you have found yourself wondering, ‘Why?’ After all, a prosthetic eye won’t return any vision loss, and there are other options when it comes to coverings such as eye patches and facial bandages.

However, a prosthetic eye may be more than a cosmetic aid, helping restore the appearance of the eye socket. It can also prevent malformation of the facial structure.

Without the eyeball, a lack of structure within the ocular orbital can result in a caved appearance of the eye socket. A prosthetic eye prevents that from happening. It can also be implanted and connected to muscles that control the original eye, allowing you to move the artificial eye similarly to the original eye.

Find Prosthetic Eye Help in St. Louis, MO

Prosthetic eyes can be a useful tool to restore the physical appearance and increase the structural strength of the face. While incredibly helpful to many, a prosthetic eye requires extreme attention to detail to ensure proper measuring. For this reason, it is vital you work with experienced professionals.

At Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Inc., four capable doctors are ready to help you achieve proper eye health. With locations in St. Louis, St. Arnold, and Arnold, MO, you can start working with us today by scheduling an appointment and calling (314) 567-3567.

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