Is a Mid Face Lift Your Ticket to Feeling Great?

Is a Mid Face Lift Your Ticket to Feeling Great?

midface lift St. Louis. MOIf we’ve learned anything from observing history, we can see an obvious desire among men and women to postpone the signs of aging. For many decades, the way to a younger-looking face was through a facelift. Over time, we’ve developed wonderful new approaches to the problem of cosmetic aging. The establishment of less invasive, less aggressive techniques like localized lifts (eyelids, brows, and the midface) has renewed people’s interest in exploring their options for surgical facial rejuvenation.

We are pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic services in our St. Louis and St. Peters offices, including the midface lift, or mini facelift as some people call it. This surgical procedure offers significant benefits for patients who are ready to turn back the hands of time and naturally refresh their face.

Some of the key points regarding the mid facelift include:

Conservative Technique

A mid facelift is performed on an outpatient basis. Patients are not “put under” with general anesthesia, they can undergo this conservative surgery with a local anesthetic and mild oral sedative. Because the sedative can take a few hours to wear off, patients will need to arrange for a loved one to drive them home after surgery and may want someone to stay with them for a few hours or the remainder of the day. This is the extent of special care that may be needed after surgery due to the conservative anesthetic methods used.

A mid facelift can be conservative in anesthesia because it is mild in invasiveness. The incisions made to perform this technique are localized to the area near the ears, where resulting scars will be well hidden. With good aftercare, many patients heal to a point of their scars being nearly invisible. And the matter of scarring is minimized with a mid facelift because only a few short incisions are needed to access the tissue we desire to lift.

Smooth Recovery

A mid facelift focuses on the superficial musculoaponeurotic system or SMAS. This layer of tissue lies directly beneath the skin and is what fosters the appearance of tightness and firmness. Very little invasion is needed to reach the SMAS, which reduces side effects like swelling and bruising. Coupled with the gentleness of local anesthesia and sedation, the manipulation of this higher level of tissue provides a powerful lift without requiring a lengthy recovery.

Is a Mid-Face Lift Right for You?

Many adults have concerns that affect how they feel about their appearance but aren’t so dramatic that they need a full lift. In fact, most people today achieve the results they seek without a full facelift. A mid facelift can address issues such as lines and creases around the nose and mouth, a soft jawline and jowls, and loose skin on the cheeks and lower face.

Feel like a fresher version of yourself. Call 314-567-3567 to schedule a consultation for a mid facelift in our St. Louis or St. Peters office.

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