We Know How to Fix What Ails You

We Know How to Fix What Ails You

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery | John B. Holds, MD, FACS | St. Louis, MOFacial aging can cause quite a bit of frustration. In recent years, scientific research has done an excellent job of helping us understand the various places in which the signs of aging originate. Research findings have been an excellent resource for medical device companies and cosmetic surgeons. For example, because we understand that jowls form at the jawline when fatty tissue in the midface diminishes. A skilled surgeon can fill the cheeks or lift midfacial tissue to reduce or eliminate jowls. The eyes and brows are other examples. Here, we discuss the various areas of the upper face that may cause the appearance of age and how we treat them.

The Upper Eyelids

Sometimes, the problem that has made the eyes look older and fatigued is laxity in the tissue on the upper eyelids. Skin everywhere on the body needs collagen for firmness, and it is the skin’s firmness that makes it tight. The skin on the upper eyelids is very delicate. It also shows the fastest decline when collagen breaks down over time. To correct this problem, we may suggest upper eyelid blepharoplasty. In a short, outpatient procedure, the skin on the upper lids is carefully measured, marked, and excised to appear much smoother. As a result of this eyelid lift, the eyes look younger and more rested.

The Brow Line

The upper eyelids may start to look heavy and saggy when the eyebrows dip below the upper orbital rim. The orbital rim is the bony structure that outlines the top of the eye socket. A careful assessment of the eyebrows and the skin on the upper eyelids helps us determine if an endoscopic brow lift may be the best form of correction. This minimally invasive procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and requires just a few small incisions. These incisions are hidden in the hairline. An endoscope is inserted to observe tissue at the brow line, and tiny instruments lift at the right angles to preserve or even accentuate the curve of the brow.

The Forehead

A thorough examination is vital to the outcome of cosmetic surgery because the eyes may look ragged and unfriendly due to drooping of the tissue across the forehead, not because of the eyelid skin or the brows. A forehead lift can release the fibrous bands that pull down on the eyebrows and lift overlying tissue. A forehead lift can also reduce the appearance of worry lines.

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