Cosmetic Surgery


As an operating room nurse, I knew the quality of Dr. Hold\’s work so when I decided to consider a blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing I knew who to go to. At my consultation Dr. Holds suggested that I also consider facial fat transfer for the sunken areas of my face. I hadn\’t even thought about that but I am glad he suggested it because I feel it contributed to the overall great outcome. I am very happy with the final results after the procedures. I\’m not sure I look younger but I look alot better than I did before. I always looked \”tired\” before with my sagging upper lids and bags under my eyes. The laser resurfacing really made a difference in my skin complextion and I feel I look healthier and it smoothed away alot of fine winkles especially around my eyes. The blepharoplasty and facial fat transfer were painless. I did have some mild discomfort with the laser resurfacing and some down time. Dr. Holds and his staff are great. Would I do this again. Yes! I just wish I would have done this sooner.

Ann Avery

Two years ago Dr. John Holds performed a blepharoplasty or eye lift procedure on my eyes. I researched many doctors in the St. Louis region and felt Dr. Holds was the best doctor for my situation. Dr. Holds and his staff performed the procedure in his suite, and I had the best possible care from preparing me for the surgery, during the surgery as well as continued follow-up care. The staff is professional, kind and courteous. I could not have had better care. I am delighted with the results! My only regret is that I did not do it sooner!