Ann Avery

As an operating room nurse, I knew the quality of Dr. Hold’s work so when I decided to consider a blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing I knew who to go to. At my consultation Dr. Holds suggested that I also consider facial fat transfer for the sunken areas of my face. I hadn’t even thought about that but I am glad he suggested it because I feel it contributed to the overall great outcome. I am very happy with the final results after the procedures. I’m not sure I look younger but I look alot better than I did before. I always looked ”tired” before with my sagging upper lids and bags under my eyes. The laser resurfacing really made a difference in my skin complextion and I feel I look healthier and it smoothed away alot of fine winkles especially around my eyes. The blepharoplasty and facial fat transfer were painless. I did have some mild discomfort with the laser resurfacing and some down time. Dr. Holds and his staff are great. Would I do this again. Yes! I just wish I would have done this sooner. – Ann Avery

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