Taking Another Look at Botox

Taking Another Look at Botox

Taking Another Look at BotoxIn fashion, what is old almost always becomes new again. Could we say the same thing about a cosmetic treatment like Botox? It’s possible, but not in the same way it occurs with fashion trends. Botox has been around for several years and, in that time, we’ve come to know so much about it that we might forget to take a fresh perspective on the drug that refreshes the face. New research is giving us that opportunity.

We’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t at least heard of Botox. The treatment is a well-known wrinkle-reducer. The treatment that has banished frown lines and worry lines and made millions of faces look friendlier and more lively. Botox is commonly used to reduce crow’s feet and also to lift a brow that has become heavy with age. Every result that stems from the few injections administered in the office setting revolves around a temporary stop in muscle movements. Well-used Botox doesn’t freeze the face, as we now know, but it does soften muscles just enough to smooth lines and creases. That’s what we have known. Now for the revelation.

New Research on Botox

We continue to be fascinated by what Botox can do and a new study has only increased our appreciation for the drug. We think you might feel the same. The study took place in Canada and included 43 women who had never had Botox. These women underwent an initial evaluation that measured the elasticity of their skin. Elasticity is a vital aspect of tissue retraction and it is a trait that inhibits thinning and a crepey appearance. It’s important, we’ll just leave it at that.

After recording the initial extent of skin retraction using a Cutometer, the researching physicians administered Botox to each participant. The drug was given its usual time to take effect and then subsequent evaluation was performed using the same method as before treatment. Throughout the course of multiple follow-ups, the physicians measured up to 30 percent more elasticity in some participants. The increase in this trait remained noticeable for up to 4 months.

This Could Change the Game Yet Again

Botox changed the game of anti-aging in a significant way once, and it may be doing so again. The improvement in elasticity suggests that there may be a decrease in the development of new lines and wrinkles during the time in which Botox is active in the skin. Who doesn’t love the idea of that?

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