What is it Like to Get Fat Injections?

What is it Like to Get Fat Injections?

What is it Like to Get Fat Injections?In recent years, fat transfer has become a popular procedure for those wanting to reduce the signs of facial aging quickly and effectively. While dermal fillers can do this, there is a need to continue getting injections to maintain pleasing results. Fat injections provide a long-term solution that may require minimal upkeep, if any. Here, we discuss the three-step fat transfer process and what it’s like to have it done.

Fat injections require three steps:

  1. Harvesting

The first step in this rejuvenating process is to obtain healthy fat cells. This is done with tumescent liposuction. To begin, a solution of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine is injected into the adipose tissue. This numbs the area, constricts the fat pockets, and restricts blood vessels to reduce bleeding. A small cannula, or hollow tube, is then moved carefully back and forth through the fat, uniformly extracting cells.

  1. Purification

Liposuction removes fat along with some blood and other fluids. The extracted matter is processed through centrifuge spinning, which separates pure fat cells from other substances. The purified fat is placed into a sterile syringe, where it is ready to insert into the face.

  1. Insertion

The purified fat is inserted into its target area using a thin cannula. The cannula is inserted and then slowly withdrawn, leaving behind a trail of fat cells. In some areas, such as the cheeks, a grid-pattern may be made with the grafted fat. This builds the appropriate volume and contour. Fat can also be injected beneath creases and lines to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

Where Fat Can Be Used

Fat injections can rejuvenate the face in several ways. Common areas of placement include:

  • Under the eyes to reduce lines and hollows
  • The cheekbone area
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Creases between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)

What to Expect

The fat transfer procedure is made comfortable with appropriate anesthetic techniques. Patients can expect slight overfilling of the target facial areas. This is necessary because we anticipate some degree of absorption of inserted fat cells. The area from which fat is harvested may be slightly sore for a few days. This is typically manageable with over-the-counter medication. Due to swelling, patients are advised to take approximately 2 weeks off work and other activities. The outcome of this procedure is typically observable in about 3 months.

Facial rejuvenation has been made easier with fat transfer. To learn more about this process, call our St. Louis office at 314-567-3567.

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