Can You Improve the Longevity of a Facelift?

Can You Improve the Longevity of a Facelift?

Facelift | Ophthalmic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Inc. | St. Louis, MOThe face changes in many ways as the body ages. The sun exposure that occurred in childhood may show up later as brown spots. Collagen depletion leads to wrinkles. Volume loss can cause hollowness at the temples, under the eyes, and in the mid-face. While we’ve now got several nonsurgical remedies for age-related cosmetic concerns, some patients want more than what is achievable with injectables and laser treatments. For these people, a facelift holds the most benefit.

Who should get a facelift? When should facelift surgery be sought? These are very personal questions. Every person who wants to obtain lasting rejuvenation has their own reasons and timing. There is no “right age” at which a facelift is appropriate. Many people in their forties are showing interest in this procedure, and so are many people in their sixties and seventies. The timing of facelift surgery is as personal as the type of facelift a person gets.

Today, the facelift procedure is more customized than ever. Some patients need attention only on the lower parts of the face. A mid-face lift, or partial facelift, may be ideal for reducing the appearance of jowls and plumping up the appearance of the cheeks (this may take adding a little bit of fat or dermal filler). More extensive lifting that addresses the eyes and forehead are also appropriate and may be conducted when the upper or lower eyelids have become heavy and saggy.

If you’re interested in the long-term results of a facelift, we have a hunch you’re also interested in knowing how to offset the inevitable aging of your skin. For many people, an initial facelift provides such lasting results that no further surgical intervention is needed. Here’s how you may be able to do the same:

  • Develop a skin care regimen that pampers your skin. What you do daily matters. Before your facelift, consult with a skincare specialist who can customize product recommendations based on your skin type and anti-aging needs. Professional grade skincare products contain the concentrated, high-quality ingredients needed to affect skin positively.
  • Live a skin-healthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking and alcohol consumption have been associated with premature aging because both habits deplete the body of collagen and hydration. Reducing or eliminating tobacco and alcohol is a great way to support aging skin.
  • Get touch-ups. You might look at your facelift as a reset for your face. Your skin and muscle tissue will still age, but changes will be easier to maintain. Periodic laser treatments and injectables can keep the cheeks and lips plump and well-supported by healthy new collagen.

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