Express Your Best Self with an Endoscopic Brow Lift

Express Your Best Self with an Endoscopic Brow Lift

Express Your Best Self with an Endoscopic Brow LiftNo one likes being asked if they’re tired, especially when they’re not. Even worse might be questions about mood or state of mind; “are you upset?” These comments prove to be the source of upset for many people. Unfortunately, changes to the upper face can set the stage for misconceptions about how we’re feeling. A consistent frown, heavy eyebrows, or a droop at the brows’ outer edge are all common signs of aging. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid aging. Fortunately, procedures like the endoscopic brow lift allow people to continue expressing themselves well.

What is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery is very straightforward. It is a procedure during which specific techniques are used to raise sagging brows and forehead skin so that the eyes look younger, friendlier, and more energized. This part of the face sags gradually over time as collagen decreases in superficial tissues. Collagen is the protein that firms and supports the skin. Without sufficient amounts, gravity takes a toll. The forehead and brows are also affected by every muscle movement made in facial expressions. The brow lift corrects the effects of weak, loosening tissue.

Brow lifts used to commonly be referred to as a forehead lift. When first developed, this procedure was performed through a larger coronal incision across the top of the head, behind the hairline. The endoscopic brow lift achieves the same outstanding results but with a shorter incision. This is made possible through the use of an endoscope, a small fiber with a camera on the end. This camera is inserted through one incision, giving the surgeon a view of the tissues needing to be lifted. Small instruments inserted through other small incisions facilitate the repositioning.

Who is a Good Candidate for an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

Studies indicate that patients who have recently begun to notice the signs of aging in the forehead and eyebrow area are good candidates for the endoscopic brow lift technique. This surgery achieves more subtle, natural-looking results that may not be sufficient for more severe cosmetic aging. In some cases, patients choose to combine their endoscopic brow lift with eyelid rejuvenation for more comprehensive lifting. The best results of any cosmetic procedure are achieved when the patient is in good general health and do not smoke.

Make Your Best Impression

It’s been said that we only get one chance to make a good first impression. Beyond that, we believe that it is us who we need to impress the most. If you want to feel better about your expression as you age, schedule a brow lift consultation in our St. Louis office at 314-567-3567.

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