Schedule Your Summertime Microneedling Now for the Most Beautiful Season

Schedule Your Summertime Microneedling Now for the Most Beautiful Season

Schedule Your Summertime Microneedling Now for the Most Beautiful SeasonMany people dream of having flawless skin forever. With modern technology and more conservative plastic surgery procedures, this has become a real possibility. Instead of waiting and watching for the signs of aging and sun damage to get bad enough to warrant plastic surgery, more adults are taking charge of their aging skin. Microneedling is one of the ways we help them do it. Adults of all ages can benefit from this minimally-invasive treatment. In addition to several other benefits, one of the nice things about microneedling is that it can be done all throughout the summer months. Read on to see why you should schedule your summertime microneedling now.  

What can microneedling do?

The microneedling technique is performed using an automated handpiece. It is not a dermal roller that rolls over the skin, poking tiny holes as it goes. Dermal rolling is a DIY treatment that can be uncomfortable and potentially detrimental because it can cause microscopic tears rather than clean puncture wounds. Why would we want to puncture the skin at all? Because doing so makes the body want to heal the skin. Healing brings more collagen and elastin to the surface. Just like collagen heals cuts and scrapes, it can heal sun damage, acne scars, and a host of other common cosmetic concerns.  

During the summertime and all throughout the year, UV exposure can cause damage to the epidermis as well as the deeper layers of skin. The UV rays in sunlight degrades collagen, which is already in a state of decline after age 20. Microneedling, then, is a way to offset that. Even if you wear sunscreen every day, your skin may absorb some amount of ultraviolet light and could use some help to recover.

Benefits of Microneedling 

In our St. Louis office, we perform microneedling with PRP. The combination of mechanical collagen-induction therapy with platelet-rich plasma enhances the regenerative effect of each session. It doesn’t take long to perform microneedling; about an hour, including the application of topical numbing cream. There is no downtime, though the skin may be red for a few hours. Patients often schedule their treatment when they can go home afterwards. By the following day, the micro-punctures are closed and the skin is more rosy than red. Patients are able to go back to work and other normal activities. At that time, the skin looks healed but the production of collagen is happening beneath the surface. Over several weeks, the skin continues to look smoother, firmer, and more radiant. 

Now is a great time to get ready for a beautiful summer season. Call 314-567-3567 to schedule your microneedling treatment today.

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