Save Your Skin from Winter Woes with These Simple Tips

Save Your Skin from Winter Woes with These Simple Tips

Chemical peel St. Louis, MOAt Aesthetic Medispa of West County, located adjacent to our St. Louis office, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help our patients look and feel their best. During the winter months, we know that the air gets dryer as it drops in temperature and that this can do a number on the skin. When the skin is depleted of moisture, it is prone to irritation and premature aging. Here, we discuss how to offset the natural dryness of the winter season with some simple strategies.

Get a Fresh Canvas

To create a work of art, you cannot paint over a canvas that is already covered in some type of medium. Likewise, if you want to renew your skin (and you really want to renew your skin, trust us) you cannot achieve much improvement if the epidermis is covered in debris. However, this may be exactly what you’re trying to do. Applying product, no matter how good or expensive it is, won’t accomplish much if your skin has not first been prepared as a fresh canvas.

In our St. Louis medical spa, our team performs gentle chemical peel treatments to remove the debris that comprises the uppermost layer of skin. This debris includes dead and damaged cells as well as literal pollutants from the environment. Oh, and it may also include remnants of that expensive product you’ve been applying that isn’t absorbing into the dermis.

What’s Next

Chemical peels are an excellent complement to the daily practice of attending to your skin. Depending on the depth of peel that you choose, you can undergo chemical peel treatment as often as every month. The prepared skin is then able to absorb quality skin care products developed for specific purposes, such as hydration, firmness, or brightness. Our staff can help you choose medical-grade skincare that is best suited to your needs.

It isn’t only the skin on your face that suffers during the cold and dry winter months. Your hands, legs, feet, and other body areas are also affected and in need of pampering. Proven strategies for dermatologic health include placing a humidifier in the room where you spend the most time, patting dry after a shower and then immediately applying coconut oil or an emollient cream that will lock in moisture, and applying dense lotion several times a day.

To schedule your skin-renewal treatment, contact our St. Louis medical spa directly at (314) 567-5374.

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