A Chemical Peel Can Revive Your Winter Skin

A Chemical Peel Can Revive Your Winter Skin

A Chemical Peel Can Revive Your Winter SkinThe cold, dry winter air isn’t very kind to the skin. During this time of year, it is necessary to pay extra-close attention to moisturizing and gentle cleansing. Because the air is drier, the skin’s barrier thins and moisture evaporates more quickly from the epidermis. This can result not only in more visible lines and wrinkles but, in some cases, could cause uncomfortable chapping. Because there is an increased risk of skin irritation during the wintertime, many people overlook the value of a professional chemical peel. Here, we discuss why now is a great time to schedule this treatment.

Why Chemical Peels Work So Well

A chemical peel is a treatment in which a special chemical solution is applied to the skin. This solution exfoliates away the dead and dull skin cells that create a blanket over the epidermis. These cells, being nonvital, reduce the skin’s natural glow and youthfulness. The more cells that build up on the surface, the rougher the skin may be. Cellular buildup on the epidermis also blocks pores, meaning that whatever skincare is used to cleanse, moisturize, and rejuvenate will not get the job done very well. For the skin to look fresh, feel smooth, and get nourished, we’ve got to get rid of dull and dead cells.

Chemical peels are designed in various strengths. Regardless of how strong a peel is, this treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of:

  • Age spots
  • Sunspots
  • Fine lines
  • Surface wrinkles
  • Acne scars

Peels can also improve skin texture and tone, leaving you with a vibrant, refreshed appearance.

Choosing the Right Peel

Chemical peels are made to be light, medium, and deep. Each has certain benefits. For example, a light peel is convenient and has no downtime so you can go right back to work or other activities (except tanning!). Medium peels have mild to moderate side effects like flaking and redness but achieve more dramatic results than light peels. The deep chemical peel is most aggressive. The skin may be red for weeks and patients must follow post-treatment care instructions carefully. However, the results of a deep peel are most profound and can last a year or more.

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