What is the Best Way to Lift Your Sagging Brow?

What is the Best Way to Lift Your Sagging Brow?

Brow lift | John B holdsLife is demonstrated through the eyes. Our eyes speak our emotions and general joie de vivre. It’s no wonder that we worry when the signs of aging change our expression. Aging eyes don’t only look older or tired. Depending on the slant of the eyebrows, the face may gain a perpetually sad or angry tone. This can affect our confidence and ability to authentically relate with others. If we are perceived as sad or angry based on our face, we’re making an unspoken first impression that may color all of our conversations. If your eyebrows are changing with age, you may be wondering how you can address your appearance. Common methods include Botox and brow lift surgery. Both are good options, but one may be better for you.

The Botox Brow Lift

The initial purpose of Botox Cosmetic was to reduce the appearance of frown lines. Over time, we’ve seen the use of this product expand significantly. Today, Botox is used to soften crow’s feet, bunny lines on the nose, and neck bands. Additionally, experienced injectors have discovered that strategic injections into the muscles above the eyes can lift a sagging brow. The appeal of a Botox brow lift revolves around the minimally-invasive nature of treatment. No surgery. No incisions. No downtime. It can’t get better, right? Two details to take into account about Botox for a sagging brow is that results are subtle and also temporary.

The Surgical Brow Lift

A surgical brow lift is the mechanical repositioning of tissue across the upper face. Various techniques exist, dictating the location and size of incisions. When possible, surgeons perform brow lifts endoscopically, using the shortest incisions for subtle lifting. For more significant laxity on the forehead, a coronal incision may be ideal. The surgical brow lift may require general anesthesia. Patients need about two weeks to recover fully from post-surgical swelling and bruising. During recovery, comfort is managed with prescription pain medication. While there are minor surgical risks involved and a short recovery, a surgical brow lift may be more precise in shaping and lifting the brow line. Results also last many years.

Botox and brow lift surgery are both good options for rejuvenating the face. To choose the best approach for your needs, it is beneficial to consult with a surgeon who is familiar with the capabilities of each. To schedule a consultation in our St. Louis office, call 314-567-3567.

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