Summertime Isn’t the Only Time to Think about Sun Damage

Summertime Isn’t the Only Time to Think about Sun Damage

Summertime Isn’t the Only Time to Think about Sun DamageYou wouldn’t be wrong if you assumed that summertime is the prime time to be aware of the risks of sun damage. When the weather is warm and the skies are sunny, we want to be outdoors. While a small amount of sun exposure is beneficial (a small amount, as in about 20 minutes in the early morning), unprotected skin suffers if we’re in the sun too long. This is true at all times of the year.

UV Rays in the Wintertime

Throughout the winter months and even into spring, it is common for people who live in warmer climates to travel to snow-filled getaways. People who live in cold climates also need to protect their skin. Winter conditions can be harsh. Without proper care, the skin can get parched and may also suffer sun damage. This happens because fresh snow reflects as much as 80% of UV radiation from sunlight. In addition to that, UV exposure is intensified at higher altitudes. If you have a ski vacation on the books this year or in the future, keep in mind that, although it will be cold, the sun’s rays may be stronger.

Wintertime Skin Protection is a Must

Why are we so concerned about sun damage? A little bit won’t lead to skin cancer, will it? It could. And even if it didn’t, UV exposure is a leading cause of premature aging. Why accept dry, leathery skin as a side-effect of an outdoor lifestyle when you can take measures to keep your skin healthy and resilient? It doesn’t take much. Experts recommend wearing sunscreen every day. Applying SPF 30 sunscreen takes less than 2 minutes. Also, apply SPF lip balm and carry it with you to reapply throughout the day. If you’re outdoors for an hour or more, wear a hat. It’s pretty simple!

And There’s More

Sun damage is difficult to avoid. If you’ve begun to notice a “ruddy” complexion, spots, rough texture, and fine lines, your skin could benefit from a little help. In our St. Louis and St. Peters offices, we turn to various modalities, including microneedling with PRP, light therapies, and laser skin resurfacing to reduce the effects of sun damage.

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